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Ready to become a leader in CTS90 training? Become a Certified NeuroTracker Coach.

  • Designed for CTS90 users who are ready to take their training experience to the next level.
  • Enables Coaches to mentor users in their network through an exclusive coach dashboard.
  • Provides access to a personal referral code and a NeuroTracker Academy badge for social media and web platforms.

How to Become a Certified NeuroTracker Coach:

  • Sign up for the Coach license

  • Successfully complete the Coach certification on NeuroTracker Academy

  • Compete 30 training sessions on the platform

Standard Training License vs. the Coach License:

CTS90 User License

Certified NeuroTracker Coach

Training Access & Benefit

User License
User Dashboard
3D Glasses
Exclusive Trainer Dashboard
Certification & Advanced Training
VIP Access to Support
Personalized Content
Referral Rewards Program
Special “Invite Only” Events

VIP access to support

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A balanced approach to mastering your mind. Take an inside look at our brain enhancing nutrition and our exclusive cognitive mastery course to accelerate your cognitive enhancement.

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