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CTS90 is helping give gamers the competitive edge by strengthening their cognitive functions that help them perform and react faster when it matters.

The Cognitive Training Program for Elite Gamers

Video games are highly dynamic and competitive environments. With no standardized way to train performance outside of practicing the game itself, NeuroTracker provides the training at only 6 minutes a day.

Increased Processing Speed and Decision Making

Gamers have to react on superhuman timescales; just a tenth of a second delay and it's game over. Most games are geared towards presenting multiple outcomes for every action, with each decision concatenating outcomes exponentially.

Increased Motor-Skills and
Reaction Time

For fast-paced games like first-person shooters, the skills to manipulate a mouse have to be honed to within fractions of an inch.  Even keystrokes have to be hit precisely, and often in combination.

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Our proven training system is developed by leading scientists and experts who've been studying the brain for decades.Test out our platform and take our brain performance challenge to see how you rank up against some of the world's most elite professionals and athletes. Are you up for the test?

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