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Single User Monthly

$ 35 USD

Starter Pack

Full access for 1 CTS90 user account billed every month.

  • 1 User
  • Billed Monthly
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Single User Annual

$ 300 USD

Our biggest single user discount, save $120 a year!

  • 1 User
  • Billed Annually
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Family Monthly

$ 50 USD

Save $90 every month on a family bundle! 4 CTS90 user accounts billed monthly.

  • 4 Users
  • Billed Monthly
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Family Annual

$ 500 USD

Our biggest discount, save $1,180 for the entire year! 4 CTS90 user accounts billed annually.

  • 4 Users
  • Billed Annually
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Grow Your Network: Become a Coach

The NeuroTracker Coach certification is an add-on to the user license plan

NeuroTracker Coach Certification

$ 500 USD

  • Exclusive Trainer Dashboard
  • Ongoing special ‘invite only’ events
  • NeuroTracker Coach Certification in NeuroTracker Academy
  • VIP access to support
  • Exclusive Referral Rewards Program
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Shipping & Handling (3D glasses)

$ 14.99 USD
1 pair of 3D glasses and shipping

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