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About Us

Based on 20 Years of Science & Research

Professor Faubert is reputed to be one of the world’s preeminent neuroscientists in the field of visual perception. Professor Faubert and his team has developed the science behind NeuroTracker through decades of research at the Faubert Lab (University of Montreal).

This science is continuously evolving through research projects around the globe, many of which are supported through the Faubert Lab.

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Our Achievements

NeuroTracker has become established as a valuable tool to measure and enhance the efficiency of neural networks that govern situational awareness, attention, executive function and cognitive stamina.


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Understanding cts90

Cognitive Training Videos

1. What are Cognitive Functions?

2. What is Cognitive Training?

3. Why Choose CTS90 for your Cognitive Training?

4. Understanding your Brain's Neuroplasticity

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3D Training Environment

Our brain uses 3D vision to understand the world around us every day. The 3D component of the software provides a unique training advantage for improving cognitive systems.


Wide Field
of View

NeuroTrackerX trains peripheral vision systems across the wide 3D virtual environment. Efficient and rapid processing of peripheral visual information is what separates elite performers from the rest.


Adaptive To Your Individual Threshold

The NeuroTrackerX software is continually adapting to find your optimal training load - always challenging enough to keep you “in the zone” and optimize learning benefits.


Multiple Object Tracking (MOT)

By following multiple targets at one time, your brain is working hard to prioritize what’s important while filtering out distractions. Multiple object tracking allows your brain to effectively manage multiple streams of information at once.

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